Just for you… Personal Projects

Would you like to see your own Mini Earthship growing in your garden?

you could use it for…

  • Shelter your tools
  • Grow your food (herbs, mushrooms…anything you like really.. maybe bananas?)
  • Entertain the children
  • Some secret stuffs we don’t need to know about…

We are building shelters and we can organise a mini build for you!

We provide you with some simple architectural plans, materials and cost lists and volunteers!

Rapid and Stress free, and the more you reclaim materials, the cheaper it gets !!


If you are thinking of building a full Earthship as a living house, we organise contact amongst Earthship Headquarters U.S.A. and Michael Reynolds


Schools and young people

Are you a great school with classes full of curious students?

Then you can book an intervention!

Relax and enjoy for a little while we explain to your class current world environmental issues and actual efficient solutions for an healthier planet.

We can teach and give talks for all children from 7 to 18 years old!


Or if you think bigger project…. We can also build little playgrounds with recycled materials in schools… Contact us!



Public Actions

Do you like to plan and organise events for your community?

or are you an event manager with environmental consciousness?

Do you plan Music Festivals, Conferences, Exhibitions, Awareness Events and other projects?

We would love to talk to you about Environmental issues and SOLUTIONS..

We give professional talks and presentations for up to an hour!


We can also make VERY fun workshops!

We are promoting Mother Earth health with RECYCLING ART WORKSHOPS, all ages welcome!


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