Our Vision:

Concrete Jungle Earthship spreads features of the Earthship green technologies, enhances initiatives to recycle and use more natural energies for a better sustainability within cities, thus saving our environment by proposing alternatives to the current paradigm of the unsustainable producing-consuming-wasting pattern.

Our Workshops:

Concrete Jungle Earthship hopes to help awareness with different workshops on different themes, such as:

    • Water: the cycle of the water and its necessity to any form of life, its properties and possible modifications but also the use of water in cities, filtration and current issues.
    • Energy: What are our main energies sources and why do we need alternatives
    • Biology: Why do we need other species, what is a life cycle and the introduction to different eco systems and the importance of animal and vegetal diversity. Concrete Jungle can also provide short introductions to permaculture.
    • Geography: Mainly dealing with the configuration of our planet, but also how we can all live together and cooperate across nations and cultures.
    • Recycling: What is it, how is it done, why is it an crucial matter to human beings and how can we all participate.


The workshops will be organised in a two parts, a first part will promote discovery of theory facts, help understanding with visual supports and clearly explain the subject studied. The second part will be hands on work, some creations that children will be able to make and take home.

Concrete jungle is always working with the community and all our staffs have a recent valid CRB check and experienced to work with children and young adults.

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