Concrete Jungle Earthship is an organisation promoting the concept of Earthship Biotecture- green, autonomous and self- sustaining buildings.

Our group is concerned with the current pattern of waste production and the lack of recycling in the city. We would like to tackle this issue through community cohesion, producing a scenario to bring local people together to create an Earthship to be used as art space for the local children.

An Earthship is particular design of self-sustaining building, which harnesses natural systems to bring its own amenities to the users, once set up there are no energy costs. Built partially out of urban waste (i.e tyres, cans, bottles) the building will reuse urban waste, which would otherwise be sent to landfill.

As well as promoting environmental awareness amongst the local community through this means we would also teach the community skills needed to build an Earthship, giving them the empowering sense that they have the ability to act on their own environment.

As well as focusing on practical skills we would like to support the work of Kids Company through this project and we want to continue the focus on the emotional wellbeing of the local children.
The process of building the Earthship together and learning the skills needed, alongside one another, will bring a chance for community relationships to be formed and strengthened. We aim to bring a sense of achievement through cohesion and task completion.

We believe that collaborating with Kids Company will give us a chance to reach the youth of the local community, enhancing the impact of environmental awareness amongst future generations and, socially, creating a chance for everyone to work together over a common task, which will be substantial and longstanding. At the end of the build we will be left with a statue of unity and inclusion for all to see and use.

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